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Airway Management Course

21 JUN 2020

Sharjah Surgical Institute, University of Sharjah successfully conducted "Airway Management Course" on 21st June, 2020. The course was led by Prof. AB Rani Shamsudin, Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies in College of Dentistry, University of Sharjah and Dr. Ahmad Shorrab, Senior Consultant HOD, Department of Anesthesia, University Hospital Sharjah, UAE. 

The course was attended by the candidates from University Hospital Sharjah, UAE. The course was the combination of Lecture and Hands-on Training at the center. The course covered Anatomy and Physiology of the adult and child airway, obstructed airway, pre-hospital airway, assessment of the airway in the preparation of general anesthesia and assessment of the acute airway obstruction - in trauma, foreign body etc. The course also covered craniofacial syndromes, abcess in the neck, tumor in the airway. Airway devices and equipment was also overviewed along with the airway in the special patient such as pregnant mother, obese and obstructive sleep apnea patient and the surgical airway. 

Overall the course was a success, necessary precautionary measures were taken with social distancing and proper PPE were provided to the faculty and participants. 

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