• Shoulder Arthroscopy & Arthroplasty Workshop
  • Advanced Aesthetic Medicine Course
  • Professional Diploma in Wound Care
  • Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO)
  • Competency Certificate in  Diabetic Foot
  • Intensive Laparoscopic Urology Course
  • Competency Certificate in Wound Debridement Skills, Management & Tissue Viability
  • Masterclass in Cadaveric Dissection of Facial Anatomy & Injectables for Aesthetic medicine
  • Core Skills course
Our Mission To train and develop Health Care Professionals (HCPs) by offering a wide range of tailor-made developpment programs on the latest surgical practices and other clinical techniques in order to ensure proper adoption with optimum levels of healthcare practice in the Middle East.​​​​​
Our Vision ​​To create a state of The Art training facility for health care professionals(HCPs)across the Middle East that would set the standards for, lead and shape the way professional development programs for HCPs are carried out in this region according to the latest world standards.​​​​​​​​​


I would like to seize this opportunity to welcome you to Sharjah Surgical Institute which is part of the School of Medicine, where we take the professional development of health care professionals very seriously and it is our mission "to train and develop HealthCare Professionals by offering a wide range of tailor-made development programs on the latest surgical practices and other clinical techniques in order to ensure proper adoption with optimum levels of healthcare practice in the Middle East."

We engage the most esteemed faculty members and physicians from the region and globally to tailor and conduct the programs at the highest level of professionalism employing the most recent medical technologies and ensuring that our candidates are up to date with the most recent techniques and protocols in their respective fields.

The state-of-the-art facility with its simulated stations, its animal and cadaver wet labs, dry labs and classrooms contribute to the training of health care professionals as well as enhance and ensure the appropriate facilitation of the programs.

We aspire to attain and realize the University of Sharjah's overall vision of being among the leading institutions in the Arab World and in the region, well established all over the world for offering comprehensive academic and professional programs of the highest quality.

I sincerely hope that all health care professionals would be able to gain from the hands-on experience, knowledge and expertise that we provide at Sharjah Surgical Institute and I invite you all, health care practitioners and faculty, to visit us and to take a tour to see for yourselves the impressive potential of our facility and work with our staff to benefit from the specifically tailor-made programs that we can offer.

Thank you,
Prof. Qutayba Hamid MD, PhD, FRCP, FRS
Vice Chancellor, Medical Colleges and Health Sciences
Dean of the College of Medicine
University of Sharjah