​Collaboration & Partnership - How Partnership drives community development

Ours is a truly regional clinical and surgical training center that knows no geographic or academic borders. For over 10 years, University of Sharjah Clinical & Surgical Training Center has been working with leading Industrial partners across the region to deliver outstanding teaching and hands-on practical experience. Working with enthusiastic and like-minded partners ensures participants access the very latest thinking and cutting edge practice around the world. 

Importance of industry partnerships

The relationship between Industrial partners and Universities have been into existence for quiet a long time, but the rise of global knowledge economy the importance of having a strategic partnership is most crucial. We have been in collaboration with top leading companies that focuses on training surgeons and health care Professionals on all advances in surgical technologies and techniques. With the help of partners we plan to support surgeons, physicians and all health care Providers to improve and sustain the quality of care that they offer, by keeping them up to date with the most recent techniques and protocols in their respective fields.

Community Development

We are committed to continuously developing our community of health care professionals in MENA region. The program faculty, participants, organizers, industrial partners all benefit from center leadership’s commitment to providing interactive education opportunities to address latest surgical and clinical practice within our region. We have been working closely with our partners in providing them facility to conduct training programs for the development and upskilling of doctors clinical and surgical skills. 

How CTC participating in Health and Well-being component

  1.  By providing the facilities to different medical industries to try and promote the efficacy of their launched product, and use the new concept to innovate and develop the new product which could decrease the patient outcomes error. i.e J&J, CMR, Karl Storz, Baxter, Bard, 

  2. Accommodating other private educational institutions by providing them CSTC facilities to promote awareness in the medical fraternity and the community. i.e  AECS, SEHA, Medprodoc, ICJR, ITC, AO Foundation, MCI,

  3.  By offering a wide range of tailor-made Continuous development programs on the latest surgical practices and other clinical techniques to ensure proper adoption with optimum levels of healthcare practice. i.e: Bariatric Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, Sports Surgery, Hernia Surgery

  4. Increasing innovation in therapeutic and diagnostic modalities, increasing inter-Speciality collaborations, and transforming traditional, non-interventional specialties into interventional disciplines transforming the healthcare system where there is a need to guide, teach, and make aware about these changes to the HCPs who are directly connected to the community services. i.e Bariatric: Gastric band- Sleeve Gastrectomy,

  5. Conventional Anorectal fistula surgery to VAAFT method

  6. Hybrid Laparoscopy b using Endoscopy & laparoscopy  equipment together for upper & Lower GI surgery

  7. Laparoscopy to Robotic Surgery

  8. Organizing the community-based Life Support programs, where they can learn and help & save the community from life-threatening incidents. i.e First Aid, BLS, ACLS, Sports, Physiotherapy

Our Partners