Prof. Luca Neri

Director of Global Ultrasound Education, WINFOCUS International-Italy

It was a great honor and pleasure to s pend all these days together enjoying your loveable country; our precious friendship, Working together for a better and more accessible & sustainable health care for all …. Our dreams, our work!

Dr. Hasan Ali Abood

Chairman of College of Medicine, Kerbala University, 11th Feb, 2013

I am really delighted to visit your university and see the real academic work to being such a real confident shape doctor. I am grateful for this opportunity and I pray God this is to be a start of long cooperation between our university & yours.

Dr. Mohamed Abu Hilal Mohamed

Consultant Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgeon, University Hospitals NHS Trust, Southampton, 30th March 2013

This is not my first time in this fantastic facility, as I came here as a trainer four times already, however I am proud to be given the opportunity to express my serious appreciation to everyone who were behind the existence of this facility. It is an excellent high-class training center much ahead of many training centers in Europe.​​​​​

Dr. Tim Tollens

Head of General Surgery department Imelda Hospital, Bonhelden, Belgium

Sharing experience and knowledge is always exciting as well as contributing to better health care. For years I have been involved in training all over the world as well as in the Middle East. This Institute will improve the service of training/teaching tremendously. I can only congratulate everybody involved in this journey and support as much as I can. Patients will benefit from this all. Keep it on, all the best.

Dr. Poul Pattyn

Consultant Bariatric Surgeons at Heilig Hart Ziekenhuis Roeselare, Belgium

Congratulation to everyone helping and involved in making this Institute what it is now, a great facility for health care professionals from nursing staff to medical doctors in different specialties with great skills improving opportunities. The standard of course for each patient will benefit from the efforts put in this excellent training center. It was a great pleasure to be a part of this.

Dr. Hakeem El Tarky

Ph.D of Laser Science. 8th June, 2013.

I visited many universities around the world including Europe & USA. I have never seen a unit like this. I found SSI Facilities are the best regarding the teaching facilities & excellent variety of available equipment for students and post graduated doctors. It is really a piece of art. It is considered a scientific pyramid in the middle east.

Dr. Adrian Gasper


Thank you very much for everything. This is an amazing place… Congratulations.

Prof. Richard Hoppmann

Dean of Medicine Society of Ultrasound in medical education (SUSME), University of South Carolina-USA

A wonderful place with wonderful people truly enjoyed my stay.

Dr. Abdul Basit Qureshi

Assistant Prof. of Surgery, SIMS, Lahore, Pakistan.

This facility is excellent. My experience working here was wonderful. I recommend all surgeons to visit the place sometime.​

Dr. Faisal Alam

Senior Consultant, Head of General Surgery, Royal Hospital - Oman

The Masterclass in Laparoscopic Hernia Solutions at Sharjah Surgical Institute is very informative, not only for beginners in this field but also for those who are experienced.