Collaborate with UOS CSTC
University of Sharjah is a highly recognized, well established Educational Institute both in the Middle East generally and in the region specifically as well as worldwide. Being part of the University Of Sharjah College Of Medicine, the Sharjah Surgical Institute is a reputable, prestigious and renowned Institute among the health care professionals of the region and beyond, well known for its state-of –the-art facility, respectable Scientific establishment, reliable faculty of professionals skilled in their own right, well-structured up to date courses and practical hands on experience that is not available elsewhere.

With all this being offered and more it's an opportunity to collaborate with all industry professionals from the health/medical and pharmaceutical fields to add benefit to the health care professionals from all that there is to be offered. By creating collaborations you ensure that your health care professionals receive the privileges of the best professional development in the most advanced facility using all the most recent up to date equipment and the best faculty all in a friendly environment.

For more details about collaborations please email your interest to with all your contact details and queries and someone will assist you right away.​​